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Welcome to Mission Funeral group Inc.
"Where Every Life Receives A Meaningful Remembrance"

Typically, anyone arranging for a funeral is in a very vulnerable position.  It is a time where grief stricken families are faced with making decisions that can haunt them for years.

For example;
  What is the right thing to do?
  I know what I prefer, but how will others view my decision?
  What do family members and friends expect?
  What is required for burial, or for a cremation?
  And most importantly, what will it cost?

Professional Service

Mission Funeral Group will help guide you through the funeral or cremation maze, supplying information that will assist you in making intelligent and sensible decisions at this painful and difficult time.

Whether you are selecting a simple cremation or a traditional full service funeral, our highly trained and caring staff is dedicated to providing families with professional and courteous service that will satisfy all your personal requests and wishes.

Serving all faiths and ethnic cultures.  Bilingual Counselors available.



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