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See our "General Price List" for list of funeral goods, services and packages.

We have funeral packages available. Below are the page numbers of our "General Price List" that correspond to the packages. Package information is displayed in letter-sized PDF so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.

(Package #1) Traditional Funeral Service (Same Day Visitation & Committal Service) - Page 8
(Package #2) Traditional Funeral Service (One Day Visitation With 2nd Day Committal Service) - Page 8
(Package #3) Graveside Funeral Service - Page 9
(Package #4) Traditional One Day Funeral Service / Visitation And Witness Cremation - Page 10
(Package #5) One Day Visitation / Funeral Service With Cremation - Page 10
(Package #6) Memorial Service With Cremation - Page 11
(Package #7) Direct Cremation - Page 11
(Package #8) Direct International Shipment - Page 12
(Package #9) One Day Visitation With International Shipment - Page 12

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